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Gabriela Micu

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About me

My name is Gabriela Micu. I am a Regression therapist and Hypnotherapist, based in Romania. I worked for 18 years in corporations, in the Human Resources department. I liked the job, most of the time, and I enjoyed interacting with people. During that time, I did not imagine doing anything else.

However, you know what happens when something starts to attract you inexplicably, a piece of information maybe, a book or a picture…this happened to me, too. Out of curiosity, I attended a Past Lives Regression workshop. It was 2016, and I got forever hooked. The hobby gradually became a passion, which later on influenced me to put the corporate work aside.

What is hypnosis?

When discussion about hypnosis, there are usually some common questions addressed by my clients, questions which tend to appear more often than others.

What is hypnosis?

The psychologists call it a” state of modified consciousness” and place it in the category of phenomena such as dreams or sleep. Putting aside the academic definition, hypnosis is a state commonly present during our daily life, very similar to daydreaming.

Regresia și traumele fizice

Individual Sessions

The individual sessions are a great way for the client to address his/her emotional or psychological issues, benefiting by the direct support from the therapist. In order to identify the best type of intervention, I reccomend a short preliminary discussion. Usually, more than one session are needed, or even more than one type of intervention, in order to achieve the client’s objective, however the results depend on many factors and may vary from one case to the other. In order to get a general idea, I invite you to read the description for each type of session and to contact me in case you need additional details.

Online programs

1. Program de meditații ghidate pentru reducerea stresului

Un set de patru meditații ghidate, preînregistrate audio.

2. Program de meditații ghidate pentru controlul greutății

Un set de trei meditații ghidate, preînregistrate audio.


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