Gabriela Micu

My name is Gabriela Micu. I am a Regression therapist and Hypnotherapist, based in Romania. I worked for 18 years in corporations, in the Human Resources department. I liked the job, most of the time, and I enjoyed interacting with people. During that time, I did not imagine doing anything else.

However, you know what happens when something starts to attract you inexplicably, a piece of information maybe, a book or a picture…this happened to me, too. Out of curiosity, I attended a Past Lives Regression workshop. It was 2016, and I got forever hooked. The hobby gradually became a passion, which later on influenced me to put the corporate work aside.

A certification in Eriksonian hypnosis followed soon after, and then I enrolled in the PLRA regression program. It was an amazing journey, which changed my life. I also became a student again, pursuing a university education in Psychology. I am a member of EARTh, and of AHTR (The Romanian Hypnosis and Regression Therapy Association).

I work with clients since 2016 and I am honored to assist their extraordinary journeys of personal discovery. Regressions to past lives, intrauterine or current life – no matter the destination, the effects continue to amaze me. I feel blessed to be able to do what I do.