Regressions to current life or past lives

During the regressions into the current life, we access memories or information from the present life, any given moment, from the birth to the most recent present. Sometimes the person recognizes the surfacing memories, but many times the perceived information is totally surprising, maybe very old, from the early childhood, or apparently ”forgotten”.

The subconscous mind guides the client’s journey, sometimes directly to the source of an issue, other times zig-zagging from one memory to the other, bringing to surface unique information which often needs to ne processed and reintegrated into the client’s memory. That is why usually more sessions are necessary in order to help the client achieve his objective, by accesing and integrating different moments from his past.

We might frequently discover that some memories, apparently harmless or neutral, are carrying quite intense emotional loads and, once re-lived, they diminish their impact upon the client’s life. Many of them take place in early childhood, before the age of 2-3, sometimes even in the first monts of life. There are clients who access memories or images from the infancy, intensily feeling emotions experienced for the first time during those times.

We might access pleasant and loving memories, but more often the difficult, traumatic moments are the ones bubbling to the surface, needing discharge and integration. But once we touch the source of a problem, the relief and freedom we feel are extraordinary.

The duration of a regression session is 2 hours, and the price is 100 EUR.

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