The Life Between Lives Regression

Based on the work of Michael Newton, who regressed thousands of clients, this special type of regression” takes place” within a special place, the one between two reincarnations. Michael Newton noticed that there are many surprising similarities between the individual stories of the persons regressed to the life between lives, a certain repeating pattern, even if the people he worked with, were of different ethnicity, religion of beliefs.

Commonly, their souls were detaching from the last life and were travelling to a high vibration space, meeting there their soul family (the group of souls with whom they collaborate on different life lessons). They then revised their agreements with those souls and evaluate, with the help of their Spiritual Guides, the achievement of their past lives’ missions. Many times, their souls were passing through stages of energetical recharging, individual ”study” or sharing of the information and knowledge acquired.

An important moment of this journey is the meeting with the Council of the Elders, energetical beings characterized by great wisdom and understanding. The souls are planning, with the help of the Elders, the routes for their future lives. At the end of this beautiful experience the soul is usually choosing its body for the current life and prepares for the new adventure.

At the end of this process charged with symbols and metaphors, the clients report a very deep spiritual experience,” returning” to their current lives with surprising lessons and understandings.

From the logistical point of view, such a meeting takes approximately 3-4 hours and requires at least one preliminary past life regression session. The two sessions (regression in past life, respectively the regression in the life between lives) are scheduled at a maximum of one week between them.

The price of the life between lives session is 200 EUR.

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