The regression by proxy

Is a special type of regression, in which the hypnotherapist works with the beneficiary remotely. The regression by proxy is used in the case of very small children or of persons who are incapacitated to go through the therapeutic process (for example very sick, in coma, with terminal diseases, etc)

The hypnotherapist works with a ”delegate” of the beneficiary, usually a first degree relative (parent, sister, brother, adult child), the latter undergoing the regression on behalf of the beneficiary.

The process is based on the principle according to which the energy flux and the energetical interventions are not confined by the limitations of the physical space. Although there are situations in which the results of the ”by proxy” regression are limited, there are also cases in which the therapeutic effects are significant.

The length of a ”by proxy” session is approximatively 2 hours, and the price is 100 EUR.

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